7 Things You Can Use To Masturbate

Jun 19, 2023
7 Things You Can Use To Masturbate

If you are too shy to buy a sex-toy, here are some simple things you can use.

In spite of what many might think, masturbation is healthy, and there are no problems associated with it. Despite popular belief, masturbation does not have to involve penetration, and it can get a little monotonous. Find out how to masturbate, a step-by-step guide for women.

We have the perfect solution if you want to masturbate without buying sex toys illegally.

First things first -- the precautions

If you use anything sharp or pointed, you are likely to hurt yourself.

You should never use anything that has small parts that can fall out or get stuck inside you.

Before and after the act, always wash and clean the objects with soap and hot water.

Do not put fruits or vegetables into your vagina. Not only can they break off inside you, but they can also lead to a number of infections due to their bacteria.

Here's the list:

The jet spray or handheld shower head on the bathroom tap is excellent for stimulating the clitoris. To stimulate your clitoris, simply take a seat on the edge of your bathtub, toilet seat, or stand (if you prefer that). Using a jet spray is one of the quickest ways to induce orgasms and is very effective. Also, you can alter the water stream's pressure to suit your preferences, raising it just before the climax. These are some shocking statistics concerning female masturbation.


Be sure to direct the jet spray at the top of your clitoris and not at its opening when using the jet spray. A UTI or other infection can result from this. Pee after the act in order to wash out any bacteria that might be present. To be extra safe, never use the spout that is present in a common bathroom. And most importantly, wash it before you use it.

Masturbating is also done with this handy utensil. No, you don't insert it in your vagina. Instead, you rub the spoon against your clitoris with its back (smooth, shiny part). If you want to make it more enjoyable, you can even lubricate the spoon with petroleum jelly, so you won't feel pain when you rub yourself with it.


Make sure you don't insert the spoon into your vagina as it can damage the delicate inner lining of your intimate area. In addition, wash the spoon well with soap and water before and after use.

Washing Machine: When it's on the spin cycle, it vibrates and you can use it to masturbate. During the spin cycle, you simply sit on the machine and let the vibration orgasm you. You can also rub your legs up against the machine when it vibrates by spreading your legs.


Be careful when you use a washing machine to masturbate. It takes practice to use a washing machine to masturbate, so be careful.

Its soft texture and easy availability makes it the perfect prop for a great orgasm. Rub it between your legs or even against your clitoris for great clitoris orgasms.


Using a pillow cover can cause chaffing due to a lack of moisture, which helps lubricate the rubbing action. Be gentle and stop when irritation occurs.

The vibration provided by an electric toothbrush or razor is perfect for stimulating the clitoral region. Simply remove the brush end/razor top and use the bottom vibrating part to stimulate your clitoral region.


Before you use the toothbrush, make sure it is thoroughly washed. If it is not water resistant, you can clean it with antiseptic wipes. It is important to cover the area with a condom before you use it to ensure you don't contract an infection. In addition to lubricating the area, this will also protect you from infections.

The cleanest and safest way to masturbate is with your hands. You can use your fingers to penetrate yourself, stimulate your G-spot, and stimulate your clitoris.


If you wish to use your genitals, make sure your nails are short and well-filed in order to avoid any injuries, and wash your hands well before you use them since the area is quite sensitive, and dirty hands can cause infections and irritation.

After the big O

Once you have orgasmed, it's great to lie down and let that incredible feeling wash over you. When you're ready to get up, make sure you:

Take a few minutes to wash your vagina and clitoris after masturbating to avoid contracting an infection.

Invest some time in cleaning and putting away the things you have used to masturbate.

A great way to end an orgasm is to cuddle right after. If you don't have anyone who can cuddle with you, simply hold onto your pillow or blanket and drift off.