Expert Advice On How To Fondle Her Breasts The Right Way

Jun 26, 2023
Expert Advice On How To Fondle Her Breasts The Right Way

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The majority of guys will admit that they adore a woman's breasts. In addition to finding it difficult to avoid staring at them (often very brazenly), the majority of them also like fondling them as they make out and engage in sex. Nonetheless, the majority of women would admit that they dislike it when their lovers caress their breasts. So, male readers, pay attention. Here are all the pointers you'll ever need to properly suck her boobs and fondle her breasts so that both she and you enjoy the experience.

One of a woman's body's most delicate areas is her breasts, which can react differently to even light touch. If you know how to use your fingers properly, all you need to please them is your hand.

Since the nipples are the most sensitive to touch, you can accomplish a lot by fondling, stroking, or even licking them. Every woman has varying degrees of sensitivity, so you must assess it before exerting pressure.

You don't always need to press them firmly because they have delicate tissues and milk glands that need to be handled carefully. When handled roughly, they may experience more pain than pleasure and have their appearance changed. Here are some suggestions from actual pornstars.

Techniques to pleasure breasts

Guys can't seem to stay away from breasts, but it's vital to remember that they're not just inanimate toys. Thus, employ these methods to excite your woman to the most.

First of all, before you begin foreplay, let your fingers lightly brush the flesh around their nipples and the areas around them. When the nipples are hard, you can stroke them to give her greater pleasure. You might also be interested in reading these pornstars' suggestions on how to give her breast-gasms.

Don't forget to assess your woman's reaction by observing her face. This will not just enable you to determine whether she enjoys something or not.

You can kiss her neck and cup her breasts at the same time. While your hand might not be able to completely cover the area, this is great for women with large breasts. To further stimulate her, after you've cupped them, lightly run your fingers or even your hand around the entire breast. Your index finger can be used to gently massage the nipple in a circular manner to stiffen it. Also discover the top 5 erogenous areas in women.

You can pinch your partner's breasts while facing them if you have large hands or your partner has small to medium-sized breasts. First, don't push too hard. Squeeze the breasts more firmly after giving them a light circular massage. Observe her

You can also suck on her nipples once she starts taking pleasure in this. Place your hand on the other breast and continue rubbing it while sucking on one nipple. then proceed to the next one. Blood rushes to the area when you suck on your nipples, making them even more sensitive. This will also increase her enjoyment of the act.

So be sure to use these tactics the next time you have sex with your spouse to give her a breastgasm!

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