Blue Balls No More: 7 Quick Tips for Easing Testicular Pain

Jun 26, 2023
Health Tips
Blue Balls No More: 7 Quick Tips for Easing Testicular Pain

Getting rid of blue balls can be a painful experience that requires immediate attention. Here are some useful tips.

If you are experiencing any pain or discomfort in your testicles, and you cannot explain it, you may be suffering from epididymal hypertension. This is a sexual condition that occurs in men when his sexual urge doesn't lead to an orgasm. Symptoms are usually an ache, discomfort and pain in the testicles. A faint blue tint is also visible in the testicle of a person with this disorder.

An orgasm usually occurs when the penis gets aroused by increased blood circulation during sexual activity. It is possible for a man to experience painful sensations if he stays in a state of arousal for too long without experiencing an orgasm.

Sexual arousal leads to expansion of arteries in the male genital organs for increasing blood circulation in that area. Post that, the veins present in the testicles constrict the flow of blood away from the area. This is what causes an erection. Post ejaculation, the blood vessels that causes a swollen penis and testicles return to their normal size. However, during the condition of blue balls, the blood vessels remain expanded due to lack of orgasm and ejaculation causing discomfort.

Try heavy lifting

Various studies suggest that lifting something heavy can help you effectively release the pressure on your testicles if you are experiencing blue balls. Several studies suggest that lifting something heavy helps you to blow off the excess blood in your penis. When you lift something heavy, it exerts pressure on your testicles, which helps you perform a process called the valsalva maneuver (forceful exhalation).

Indulge in exercise

Exercises like jumping, running, burpees, squat jumps, etc., can divert blood flow to other organs. You can hop on the treadmill or do push-ups to relieve pressure on the male genitals.

Get out of sexual mood

In order to avoid further problem, it is important to stop thinking about sex and focus on some other things. Reducing arousal can have the effects that exercises have in this condition. It can divert blood flow from the genitals and provide relief to the balls and penis. You just need to disconnect yourself from certain things like dirty thoughts, adult movies, etc. for some time. Notably, when you listen to music, secretion of testosterone hormone is reduced in the brain. This can also gradually decrease your heart rate and bring it back to normal.

Use ice

If you're experiencing blue balls, it is best to find relief for them. You could try ice, a cold shower, or a bottle filled with cold water over your lower abdominal area. Cold temperature can potentially reduce both the pressure and swelling. This will also eliminate the excruciating pain.

Cold temperatures actually shock your body, which is how it diverts your attention from intimate thoughts. In addition, cold beverages and chilled bears are also effective in numbing pain nerves and blood vessels in the genitals. According to experts, cold objects can mimic a non-adrenaline hormone that is released after an orgasm.

Try solo sex

Ejaculating is the best remedy for blue balls, assuming you can manage it. But here's the catch. The problem is brought on by the difficulty in extracting the sperm. If at all possible, try utilising your own hands in this situation as opposed to your partner's. Semen that has accumulated worsens the pain. Try masturbating if you want. It can be possible to masturbate to expel the white discharge. It will also make you feel good and allow the blood to leave the area if you can have an orgasm. Moreover, it will relieve testicular strain. Notably, you can also experiment with sound or oral sex.

Opt for meditation

Meditation helps in having control over your mind and relieving pain. Yoga poses like goumukhasanas can be incredibly helpful in ejaculation and smooth blood flow. This age old exercise is one of the best therapies to get rid of the condition naturally. If you want to avoid further such problems, avoid using any steroids or medications, as they can give you an unnecessary erection and make it difficult to exit that state.

Get a good massage

You can relax on a bed, ask someone to massage you. This will help the blood flow to different parts of the body and reduce pain. Massage your genitals as well.