8 erotic challenges and punishments ideas

Jun 27, 2023
8 erotic challenges and punishments ideas

Play games with your spouse and get wicked.

To alleviate boredom and liven up your bedroom moments, try playing erotic games or even basic board or card games. Find sexy challenges and punishments in conventional games if you don't have access to erotic games. To make it fun, you can play rock, paper, scissors, engage in a thumb battle, play who blinks first, or punish each other seductively. Here are some suggestions for such sexy tests and penalties:

While your partner is free to do whatever they want with you, the loser must remain in their current position. Keep in mind that they are capable of becoming very wild. With your spouse, try these 7 different forms of kisses.

The loser imitates what the winner does. Hence, you respond in the same manner and with the same intensity if the winner kisses you on the neck. A true win-win situation for both parties.

Using only fingers to seduce: The loser needs only their fingers to entice you or make you feel attracted to them. Even which body part they may use is up to you. It's original, and you can rate the performance.

Undoing lingerie: That night, the loser is unable to undress you in the conventional manner. He or she must complete that task without utilising their hands. If you want to play a little longer, save this punishment until the end. If he uses his teeth to unhook your bra, things may get rather heated. Here's how to take off your girlfriend's bra without using your hands.

Ear lick: Ear licking or kissing typically arouses a person. So, this is a fitting penalty to spark the relationship. The game's winner will kiss or lick your ear for 30 or 60 seconds, during which time you can move around but cannot stop the act. They get to start over if you do. In your bedroom, you can also try these 5 sex games.

The kiss attempt: He/she has one minute to kiss you while you make every effort to defend it. You still have the choice of whether you want to lose or win this one, which makes setting a time fascinating.

Phone a friend: The most difficult challenge is this one. When the winner gets to tease them or give them an oral, the loser phones a friend or member of their family. They must continue talking for two to three minutes.