7 Safe Tried And Tested Ways To Induce Vomiting

Jun 20, 2023
7 Safe Tried And Tested Ways To Induce Vomiting

Safe ways to throw up.

But sometimes, vomiting needs to be induced in order to cure a nasty case of hangover or a bad episode of acidity. Many people also experience great relief after expelling the contents of their stomach. However, forcibly inducing vomiting can sometimes lead to bleeding and injuries to your throat. Whether it is a throbbing migraine or a hangover you are looking to cure, try these techniques that will help you vomit safely.

Have plenty of water: A full stomach makes it easier to vomit. When you drink enough water, your stomach, oesophagus, and throat are less stressed, and the stomach contents are diluted for easier expulsion. When you drink, wait at least 10 minutes before throwing up; this helps ease the strain on your stomach, oesophagus, and throat.

Use a tongue cleaner: We gag every time we use a tongue cleaner. That's the pharyngeal reflex, which gets triggered when something touches the back of the tongue, the roof of the mouth, the tonsils or the uvula. You will definitely throw up if you run the cleaner over your tongue three or four times from the root to the front.

Use fingers: It is easy to trigger a gag reflex by sticking your fingers into the throat. Just clean your hands thoroughly before you begin and stick your middle and index fingers into your throat. You'll start gagging and throwing up in no time. Even if it doesn't work immediately, avoid using more than two fingers at the same time or pushing them into your throat roughly.

Picture someone vomiting: We all have experienced the urge to throw up when we see someone else vomit. The sight or sound of someone retching is enough to send us running to the nearest bathroom. So try watching a video of someone vomiting on YouTube or searching for images of people vomiting online to throw up faster.

Gargle warm water: Gargling warm water can also trigger nausea. Keep gargling for at least 10 seconds at a stretch; the gurgling activity at the back of the mouth activates the gag reflex.

Spin around: Spin around in circles until you feel dizzy. Be careful not to injure yourself in the process. Spin around in circles until you feel dizzy.

Use your memories: Nausea can also result from remembering instances when you threw up in the past or thinking about something disgusting. Maybe it was the unpleasant smell of a medicine you took as a child or a disgusting sight that etched itself in your mind. Use your own memories to trigger your gag reflex.

A person should only induce vomiting when it is necessary. Frequent vomiting can erode the enamel of the teeth and cause injuries to the throat and oesophagus.